Photo by Adam Hanly 

About Emma

Hey there! My name is Emma King. I’m a twenty something year old, and I've been in LOVE with photography for as long as I can remember. I started using my mom’s (very inexpensive, might I add) camera at the age of eight. When she discovered I wasn’t half bad, she encouraged me to keep shooting. Eventually, I bought a nice camera, took a couple classes so I knew how to use the thing, and started taking photos of my friends for free (practice makes perfect, right?). Later, I did a sort of “internship” with a local photographer, Adam Hanly, and began bringing in my own clients. Emma King Photography was born! The past couple years I’ve managed to make photography a priority in the craziness of my life: traveling, college, a part-time job…you get the picture. I realized it’s something I never want to give up. I’m hooked for life! The joy of capturing someone’s true self in an image is addicting. I’m excited to welcome you into my photography world — not just letting you see my work with clients but also some of my adventures throughout the United States and abroad (secretly, these can be some of my favorite moments. Just me, my camera, and nature…introvert status right there). Hope you enjoy getting to know me more through what makes me come alive!